Murmansk region, Kirovsk, st. Parkovaya, 3a


Трансфер Хибины Кировск


Transfer is one of the convenient ways to get to our apar thotel. If you don’t plan to go to Khibiny by car and intend to travel by plane or by train, we are always happy to offer you a transfer service from or to local airports, as well as to or from the railway station at a convenient price for you.

Питание в отеле Паудер

Hot meals

When booking a room in our hotel, you can additionally order a hot meal service. This service may include breakfast, lunch or dinner at your discretion or any combination of these options that you prefer. We care about your comfort and know that after a busy day it’s not always possible to find food.

Кинотеатр в Кировске


What to do when you have already rolled enough and want to relax a bit among your friends and like-minded people? We thought about how to have a great time and organized a cinema hall in the hotel for sharing videos from your skiing. Here you can also watch your favorite movie or play the PlayStation on the big screen.

Бар в отеле Powder


Our loft bar is the place where you can relax in your free time. Here you can have a great evening in good company with a cup of hot tea or something stronger, discuss how the day went, or just chat with friends. You can also celebrate a birthday or your other holiday here even without living in our hotel.

Гриль в отеле Powder Кировск


There is a grill house for lovers of delicious food and sincerely spend time on the territory of our hotel. Here you can cook a delicious kebab and chat with friends. You can also rent our grill house to celebrate a birthday or other holiday, whether you are booking a hotel or not.

We tried to make your stay in our apart-hotel comfortable, free from routine care, as intense and fun as possible. We decided to get away from the standard format of service in hotels, and instead create a community of riders and outdoor enthusiasts. Under the roof of our hotel, we organized a space for spending time together and relaxing. There are a loft-bar, grill-house and the Powder Art Cinema already living its own special life. You can take advantage of these additional services without living in our hotel.

In our hotel we are always glad to people from all over our country, as well as foreign guests – we have something to offer you! We think about how your day will go, how you can relax and have fun what impressions you have left.

In addition to the accommodation service in our hotel, you can order a transfer to (from) the airport of Murmansk, to (from) the airport of Khibiny or from (to) the railway station of the city of Apatity. There is a hot catering service.

Come to the Powder Apart Hotel! We are always glad to see you!