Murmansk region, Kirovsk, st. Parkovaya, 3a



Powder Apart Hotel has a full-fledged cinema where you can watch movies of your choice or your own captured video. It has a cozy atmosphere and soft comfortable seats. There is a kitchen for cooking and heating food, as well as the opportunity to use the services of our loft-bar.

The advantages of our cinema are:

  • You can choose a movie to watch. It is only necessary to coordinate it with each other and inform the administrator of our hotel about this.
  • Here you can view and discuss your own footage shot during skiing.
  • You can celebrate a birthday or other significant event in our cinema.
  • If you are a fan of any football or hockey team, then here you can get together as a friendly company to watch the match.

This is only part of the options that will allow you to have fun in your free time. Our space is also suitable for conducting lectures, organizing seminars and trainings, for watching educational videos by schoolers and students, for playing the PlayStation on a large screen. In our cinema you can also plan a children’s event or celebration. We will help you organize a warm unforgettable evening with your family, friends and relatives. Our administrators will be attentive to each little guest!

If you want to hold a party in honor of your birthday or other important event, then the most suitable option for you would be to rent a cinema hall with our loft-bar, where you can first hold the official part of the event and then move to relaxation area.

In our cinema, it is possible to watch movies and videos on a wide screen with a resolution of 3 * 1.4 m or more. Number of seats – 30 (3 rows with free placement on pillows).

In order to book video viewing in our cinema, you need to

  • choose a convenient for you date and time;
  • communicate this and other relevant information to the administrator of our hotel by phone;
  • come to the address at the appointed date and time and go to enjoy a personal movie show.

Prices for cinema services:

  • Cinema rental – 600 rubles per hour;
  • Cinema and loft-bar rental – 900 rubles per hour;
  • Other on request.


Cinema address: Parkovaya street,3a, Kirovsk. Powder Apart Hotel.

Telephone for reservation+7 (911) 308-34-46.

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