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Hot meals

Горячее питание в отеле ПаудерWhen booking a room in our hotel or already in the process of accommodation, you can order hot meals. This will save you the time needed to prepare food or find a suitable cafe or restaurant in the city. Having eaten directly at the hotel, you can immediately go to conquer the snowy peaks.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also order one or more meals of your choice, for example, only breakfast or breakfast + dinner. Hot meals are not included in the room rate and are paid extra.

Powder Apart Hotel offers several options for a comprehensive breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The cost of hot meals is:

  • Breakfast – from 300 rubles
  • Lunches – from 350 rubles
  • Dinners – from 400 rubles

Шведский стол в отеле PowderBreakfast is the most important meal for the body, many athletes, nutritionists and other doctors talk about this. The benefits of breakfast with additional loads are undeniable. After all, it is during breakfast that our body is saturated with “fuel”, which is necessary for effective work during the first half of the day. Breakfast starts the metabolic process and if it is skipped, the body may begin to put off subcutaneous fat in case it is deprived of subsequent meals.

We offer delicious and balanced breakfasts, which you can order directly in your room, it is also possible to have breakfast in the loft-bar. Below are the options for a comprehensive breakfast for guests of our hotel.

Complex number 1 – 300 rubles.

  • Caesar salad
  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  • Homemade cookies
  • Tea, sugar, coffee 3in1

Complex number 2 – 300 rubles.

  • Baguette with fried chicken
  • Pancakes with banana and strawberries
  • Homemade cookies
  • Tea, sugar, coffee 3in1

Complex number 3 – 300 rubles.

  • Greek Salad with Olive Oil
  • Fried chicken sandwich with vegetables
  • Homemade cookies
  • Tea, sugar, coffee 3in1

If desired, a breakfast buffet can be arranged.

Lunch is the most hearty meal of the day. At this point, the body is already warmed up, and after an active morning you feel hungry, deprived of the strength and desire to go somewhere in search of
food. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that you have a hearty, hot lunch on your table. As a lunch menu, our hotel also offers several options for the complexes of your choice.

A joint dinner is the most suitable time when you can discuss everything that happened during the day and at the same time refresh yourself before you continue to have fun. You can order dishes both in your apartment, and stay with the company in the loft-bar.