Murmansk region, Kirovsk, st. Parkovaya, 3a



On the territory of our apart-hotel there is a fabulous hut, it is also a grill-house where you can spend an evening with friends and family, treating yourself to culinary masterpieces prepared on your own with a grill. Meat, fish, poultry and vegetables become much juicier and more appetizing when they are browned on all sides by the tongues of an open flame and at the same time soaked in light smoke. When you cook yourself for your near and dear ones, then all the dishes automatically become many times tastier and seem to melt in your mouth.

The main advantage of the grill-house is that here you can cook on an open fire at any time of the year, whether it is snowy winter or rainy summer. It is always warm and dry inside the house. Comfortable temperature is additionally supported by the powerful heater available here.

Outside, the grill house resembles a fabulous house, and inside there is a new finish and a modern grill. There are seats around the grill so that everyone can take part not only in a friendly conversation, but also try to cook something with their own hands on the fire. Our grill house is able to accommodate even large companies up to 15 people. However, so that you do not feel constrained in space, we would recommend an optimal number of guests equal to eight.

Our grill house is open seven days a week. Therefore, you can rent it on any weekend or holidays. At the hotel reception you can purchase coals and ignition. If you need something additionally, then our friendly administrators are always there and ready to come to help you, and if necessary, suggest a recipe for a juicy kebab.

The grill-house is available for booking both for guests staying in our hotel, and for everyone who wants to spend time in a friendly company.


Address: Parkovaya street,3a, Kirovsk. Powder Apart Hotel.

Telephone for reservation+7 (911) 308-34-46.

Reservation cost: 600 rubles per hour (after 5 hours of stay, each subsequent hour – 300 rubles).

Minimum booking time: 3 hours.

Maximum number of people – 15.


Come to our grill-house. We are waiting for you!