Murmansk region, Kirovsk, st. Parkovaya, 3a

About closing BigWood resort and canceling reservations in Powder due to COVID-19 pandemic

Friends, you already know that the Bigwood ski resort has stopped its work. Most likely before the next season. This is not an easy decision, dictated by safety requirements.

For many of our guests this means canceling the vacation. In March, we received a lot of applications for refunds for hotel accommodation or cancellation without fines, and we satisfied most of them, given the circumstances. We will continue to look for opportunities to meet our guests. However, we ask you to support Powder and, if possible, not cancel your prepaid reservations, but transfer them to the summer of 2020 or the winter season of 2020/2021.

Now the hotel continues to work. We will be glad to see you; this year in Kirovsk there is an incredible amount of snow. The resort was closed, but there is a backcountry, ski tour, snowmobiles are already on duty near the resort. And there is still sledding and cross-country skiing, real winter.

We, like you, are upset. Due to the early closure of the season, we were in a very difficult situation. We have a lot of current payments to continue functioning. For the summer, we had planned big work on the renovation of the hotel and the development of our territory. Apparently we will have to abandon these plans in whole or in part. We hope for your understanding and look forward to visiting.